Retailers now experience the most cyber attacks of any industry sector—three times as many as the previous top target, the financial industry—according to information and communications technology firm NTT Group’s recent 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report.

According to the Arbor Network Survey “Advanced Threats in Retail” it takes retailers an average of 197 days to detect advanced threats on their networks. The Arbour Survey but only 55 percent of IT pros at firms with more than $100 million in revenue said they checked security compliance “at least weekly”.

Although new research from Tripwire showed the worrisome trend that Companies feel they can detect threats in less than a week. In fact 90 percent of those asked said they could detect a critical data breach in less than a week and 75 percent said they could do it in just 48 hours. These results of its 2016 retail cyber security survey, which was conducted by Dimensional Research, evaluated attitudes of over 200 IT professionals in the retail sector and compared their responses to a similar survey in 2014.

These two surveys show a huge disconnect between what retailers think and what they are doing. More worrisome is that the implementation of breach detection tools remained flat over the last year with only partially or marginally implemented showing that retailers are leaving themselves wide open to breaches. If you’re not monitoring one hundred percent of your endpoints, you’re leaving room for attackers to gain a foothold