Who will benefit from the Precison genie service?

Anyone with concerns about exposing or losing data (be that client data, customer records, R&D etc) via a breach. Anyone who relies on cyber to support their business. Anyone who will lose money if an IT system is attacked or fails

What is my ROI?

The cost of an average breach for a business employing over 500 people has risen to £1.46 million. An intrusion for an SME averages £75,000 upto £311,000. We know your team is doing everything is can, but keeping on top of the threats, the reliance of the business on cyber and complexities of the infrastructure makes this extremely challenging without real-time analytics providing effective intelligence. This allows your team to act on intelligence, effectively and efficiently.

My concern with the constant level of threat is that we exist in a continuous state of potential compromise. How do you address that?

PG uses an Active Intelligence threat feed, which is updated several times a day. The latest threat intelligence is used to analyse your business and identify where you are at risk.

How do I benefit?

PG identifies, in real-time, what your business loss will be as the state of cyber changes and what needs fixing to make sure this doesn’t happen. This could be due to a system failure, an actual attack or knowledge derived from threat intelligence. Acting on the intelligence allows you to avoid a loss of busines value.

I have SIEM. I have anti-virus. I have my firewalls. What do you add?

Protection to the business. The above are all essential and needed to provide breadth to protecting your assets. Firewalls are great at limiting network threat vectors, anti-virus limits the potential for a user to add a threat. SIEM typically analyses network events that indicate a breach, with data retention for later forensic analysis to explain where it all went wrong. Precision Genie provides intelligence to avoid this in the first place.

We worry about low and slow attacks. We suspect an intelligent adversary is trying to ruin our business by selectively attacking our infrastructure.

PG includes complex analytics that will identify themed threats before an attacker asks for the ransom. Are your databases under attack? Is an attacker trying to disable your payment clearing? Is a specific location more vulnerable?

OK, this is interesting – how does it fit into my existing infra?

PG comes in two flavours. The first is installed on-site. It sits above your existing infrastructure as a smart predictive analyst. Optionally it can link to UPS, HVAC and building management sytems (BMS) to identify potential threats to your cyber and the resultant business impact. As well as pro-active alarming, Precision Genie has a web interface that shows the future business impact if things stay as they are.

OK, we are concerned about the predicted future business impact, but our business isn’t as sensitive to real-time cyber issues. We don’t undertake real-time sales over the web and don’t undertake payment on order. Do you have a version that suits our needs?

We have a second flavour of PG that provides all of the protection and predictive intelligence for your business which we host. You have your own Corporate installation which is accessed via the web but without the need to host it yourself. Alarms and warnings, the provision of threat intelligence all act in exactly the same way.

What about third party service suppliers. What about the way we use the cloud?

From our perspective it makes no difference. The cloud still supports your business (albeit more as a black box). Monitoring third party services and understanding the impact to your business is still vital to cyber-security. In reality you can outsource functionality but you can’t outsource risk.

I’m busy – what else needs doing to make this effective?

When your service starts, we need data regarding your systems. After that, we take responsibility for ensuring the system is up-to-date.

What about monitoring our hosting environment? Is that a possibility?

PG can monitor UPS status, building management system status to determine if an asset (and your turnover) is at risk. How urgent is it to get the UPS repaired? Is the cost even justified.

How am I informed of issues and provided with intelligence?

Each users can set alarms. If these are triggered then the user is notified in real-time. For example, a CFO may have an alarm set that indicates if there are issues that will cause more than 5% drop in revenue. A CIO, CISO or CDO would want intelligence if valuable data was at risk. Technical support would set alarms indicating potential threats to the infrastructure.

Can Precision Genie be used to justify ICT investment?

Yes. If you are planning to expand or want to reduce risk, Precision Genie provides intelligence on the value added to your business. What is it that really adds value? What is it you really need to protect?