Precision Genie

Don’t take chances with cyber-security … take the initiative


Precision Genie is unique amongst cyber-security solutions in that it provides predictive and actionable intelligence.  This intelligence links the performance of your assets to your bottom line and to the value of your business.

It analyses the very latest threats and identifies the risks posed to your physical infrastructure. It’s the only system that also includes the physical hosting environment – buildings, power and air-conditioning.  See at a glance and in real-time:

  • How to reduce future loss of revenue and business value as a result of system failures (due to attack or failure) by 55%. What systems will cost your business?
  • How to reduce the risk and threat of data loss by 76%. What data is at risk and how important is it? What’s the likely business impact? Could you lose your operating license? Our up-to-date ‘Active Intelligence’ cyber-threat feed, with details of the global threats, powers the analytics.
  • What is the potential loss of availability and what impact would that have on your business value? Reduce downtime by 75%.
  • What assets are costing your business the most?


How it works

  • Precision Genie is hosted within your business, connecting to your network. It monitors the status of your systems via your network management systems. Precision Genie will also monitor the status of other assets, such as your cloud systems, building, HVAC, power management systems and communications links to understand the risk to the business. This data is used to provide the predictive actionable intelligence to protect the business value.
  • The predictive intelligence is accessed via intuitive, web-based displays. Operations staff and executive level personnel can see at a glance the risks and threats to the business.
  • These displays are coupled with our ‘Active Intelligence’ threat feed.  Updated every few hours, this provides the latest global threat intelligence. Precision Genie uses this to determine whether new or existing threats pose a risk to the business –  it’s easy to see if you become more vulnerable to data loss or system failure.
Cyber security at Infinite Precision

What you get

  • On-site installation and support – saves you time and resources.
  • Online access to real-time analytics – see the risks at a glance.
  • Proactive alerting flags up issues– anticipate problems before they occur.
  • “What-if” scenario functionality – makes it easier for you to allocate resources.
  • Active Intelligence data feed – early warning about the latest threats.