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Cyber-security. To stay safe, stay ahead

By the time disaster strikes it’s too late.  That’s why Precision Genie is such a uniquely valuable cyber-security solution. It’s the first ever system to provide truly predictive and actionable intelligence, enabling you to anticipate and head off expensive cyber-attacks and system failures.
You have the peace of mind that comes from always being one step ahead of the next threat.

Safeguard your system,
bottom line and business value

The Precision Genie cyber-security solution not only helps to maintain your operations and secure your data but also protects your profits and maintains the value of your business. Using the figures from Ponemon reports, 2013 and 2014 Cost of Data Center Outages, we can make these informed estimates:

Lost business costs reduced by 55%
Reduction in downtime due to cyber-attacks by 75%
Cuts customer and enterprise data theft by 76%
Customer satisfaction improved – churn reduced by 8%
Avoid fines.  DPA fines of up to £1.5m.  EU General Data Protection
Regulation penalty of 5% of turnover.

In addition you also avoid the massive reputation damages that occur when your system is compromised.

Think you have adequate cyber-security? 
Think again.

You have firewalls, up-to-date anti-virus, the latest SIEM and asset monitoring.  But every day the army of hackers is becoming larger, they are getting smarter, their strategies more sophisticated and the range of threats too complex for your current defences. You may be well prepared – but for the last war!

Precision Genie is the next generation solution that gives you the capability to predict and fight the threats that are heading your way tomorrow.

What Our Clients Say

“Infinite Precision adds value by providing intelligent insights to complex problems. Intelligence in the business arena is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage and maximising value. Infinite Precision understand that analytics need to provide a return on investment!”

Tony Galvagni - Chief Technical Architect, VT Communications

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