June the 7th see the opening of the 2016 Infosecurity Europe conference at Olympia in London. Considered to be Europe’s biggest and most well-attended security event of the year, this year one of the key themes is:

  • Building cyber resilience in the connected enterprise by looking at new and emerging approaches for more effectively detecting and responding to security incidents

There are a range of security workshops focused on practical techniques and strategies for implementing effective information security. Tackling a range of fascinating issue one of the workshops (workshop 2 Hand to Hand Combat with an Advanced Attacker-Identifying and Stopping the Breach on the 7th) is to teach people how to identify long-term intrusion campaigns and more importantly predicting the attacker’s next steps in this continuous cat and mouse game.

The workshop looks like it will cover a number of issues and it will be interesting to see how much of a role technology can take to protect against the hard-to-see threats. Is it possible and advisable to implement one solution to secure sensitive data against both insider threats and external risks?

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