This company, based in the North of the UK but with other regional offices, offers financial investment services for private and institutional investors. There is on-line access to investment opportunities and accounts. This industry requires a license to operate and is regulated by, amongst others, the Financial Conduct authority and the Information Commissioners Office.

Challenges and Opportunities

The company seeks to protect client data to the utmost. A significant data breach could have severe implications should the operating license be revoked, internal research was exposed, client data exposed, client accounts breached.

Further, a loss of operations would create a financial penalty of trading was not possible. If clients could not access their accounts this would lead to a loss of confidence and customer churn. The company is highly protective of its value and the CFO required an overview of anything that could potentially damage the business value.

The opportunity to understand where there is a threat to the business due to a loss of operations. Where there is an existing and unacceptable weakness in the existing system, to identify this and justify investment in improving the infrastructure.

To understand where key and sensitive data is held. The Company is aware of the business cost due to the loss of client data and need to minimise the risk of any potential data breach.

The Solution
Precision Genie was installed on-site at the Head Office. This location allowed for monitoring of remote sites. With the establishment of the real-time threat feeds Precision Genie was able to report, in real-time, to the Executive and the IT Infrastructure Team.

Why Precision Genie

  • Precision Genie offers real-time threat-based intelligence regarding the actual and potential threats to the business.
  • The CISO and CFO now have visibility of any issues or threats that could affect the risk of data exposure or leakage.
  • The analysis identified where data was actually being stored and allowed the systems that held or transferred this data to be upgraded, removing multiple threat vectors.

Business Benefits from Precision Genie

Key Innovations

  • At installation, multiple issues were identified with the system configuration which allowed the infrastructure team an opportunity to focus on rectifying actual issues. The infrastructure team workload is significant
  • The CFO now has visual oversight of any impact on operations that could affect the business value, either due to a potential data breach or a loss of operations.
  • IT support now have real-time 24/7 alarming sent to their devices, alerting them of issues that will affect the business value.