The Business

Your systems support the business. What is an acceptable level of risk to the business? Where should investment into upgrades go to reduce the risk of unacceptable business value?

This is a simple question, but the answer is complex. Consider the interactions of the entire IT landscape, the demands and needs of the business. As much as systems require reinforcing, focusing on the wrong systems is a waste of budget that will not protect the business.


Where Predictive Intelligence can help when investing

There are 2 areas where predictive intelligence can strengthen the business case for strategic upgrades to infrastructure.

  • What-if scenario modelling allows stakeholders to identify where the infrastructure needs to be strengthened, either by simulating increased demand or system failures.
  • The analytics can derive the minimum amount of damage needed to the infrastructure to create the maximum amount of damage to the business value. In a complex network, with multiple levels of redundancy, this is infeasible to undertake without advanced analytics and machine learning. Understanding and preventing the one in a million combination of failures that bring your business to its knees, before it becomes a certainty.


The Value of Predictive Intelligence in invest and upgrade cycles

Deciding to invest or not is always a difficult decision. Is it a case of ‘spend to save’? Is it wise to maintain the status quo? What is certain is that the correct answer needs to optimise the business value.
‘What-if’ modelling shows whether the system will work today, whether it would cope with future demand and whether it would cope if compromised.
Predictive analytics pro-actively identifies the weakest combination of links in the chain. The best answer is that the combination required to undermine the business is just infeasible to undertake.



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